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Angry Birds: An empire of forced popularity

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Ignoring that chump on the bottom right, all these games are part of the same series.

Asking someone today if they’ve heard the name Angry Birds is like asking someone in the 90s if they’ve heard the name Pokémon. If they say no, they’re likely so far removed from the world or you’re talking to a rock. Angry Birds is huge. There are plenty of games on nearly every device imaginable (just wait until the microwave-compatible version is released), there are toys, toons, and an upcoming movie.

But why? Why is this franchise so popular? I’ve played some of the games and I’ve enjoyed the hell out of them. For a time. Now all I can do is sit here and ask myself why this series that began in December 2009 is still going strong in August 2013 with much more to come. Please tell me you feel the same way


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News of the Week – June 22, 2013

News of the Week

Click the above picture to check out this week’s show.

This week’s top stories include Microsoft’s big policy change, Sony’s PlayStation 3 blunder, and a gaming demographic proven to be more than just a fringe group. All that and more in the News of the Week.

Question of the Week: what is your favourite video game soundtrack? Comment below or Tweet me your answers.

Music used in this week’s presentation is “Back to Jungle Japes” by Nintendo from the Super Smash Bros Brawl soundtrack.

If the link to the show doesn’t work, please let me know by Tweeting me or commenting below. Same goes for any previous shows if you happen to check them out. I want to make sure everything works. Thank you!


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Boss battles: why games don’t always need them

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Some gamers love seeing these words. Some developers think all gamers love seeing these words in every type of game.

There’s nothing better than a satisfying boss battle, the kind of struggle that requires quick thinking and even quicker reflexes. The best boss battles are the ones you know are about to happen and you anticipate the challenge. It’s a chance to prove you’ve mastered your newly acquired skills. It’s a chance for lengthy villain monologues and choir-heavy battle music. It’s a chance for utter frustration or a great sense of accomplishment.

It’s also a chance to prove the developers know when boss battles are appropriate and when something else may be better. The only problem is many developers don’t know this.

Would you kindly read more?


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