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Xbox One: hits and misses

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In all its glory: the Xbox One.

Microsoft has finally done it: the company has blown the lid off the next Xbox, called the Xbox One. The event, held on Microsoft’s Redmond campus inside the now-famous @XboxRevealTent, took place at 1 p.m. today. This event showed off what the system is all about: being the ONE device (see what they did there?) in your living room. It can play games, television shows, movies, music. It can connect you with friends, family, and other Xbox Live users. It can help you get ladies*. But what Microsoft wants you to know is it can replace all your other devices.

*Not guaranteed.

The hour-long event was meant to highlight all the amazing aspects of the upcoming system. Other aspects weren’t so hot. Based on the information Microsoft gave everyone who attended or watched the event, here are the top three things I love about the console. Oh, and there are also three other things I’m not too stoked for.

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