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Boss battles: why games don’t always need them

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Some gamers love seeing these words. Some developers think all gamers love seeing these words in every type of game.

There’s nothing better than a satisfying boss battle, the kind of struggle that requires quick thinking and even quicker reflexes. The best boss battles are the ones you know are about to happen and you anticipate the challenge. It’s a chance to prove you’ve mastered your newly acquired skills. It’s a chance for lengthy villain monologues and choir-heavy battle music. It’s a chance for utter frustration or a great sense of accomplishment.

It’s also a chance to prove the developers know when boss battles are appropriate and when something else may be better. The only problem is many developers don’t know this.

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Pre-order bonuses: From enticing to disgusting

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Wow, it’s nothing!

Here is fair warning: this is a tale of “back in my day.” Back in my day, when you walked to your local EB Games to pre-order a popular game, ensuring you could get it the day it came out, you could walk away with some cool swag. This was before teenagers ruined the word “swag,” of course. Sometimes it was a a small gift, like a keychain with the game’s logo or a pack of stickers. Sometimes it was something a lot better, like the game’s strategy guide.

And now?

Here is fair warning: this is also a tale without a happy ending.

It may not have a happy ending, but you’ll still want to read it

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News of the Week – May 18, 2013


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I’m trying a new format. Instead of just me talking over generic homemade background music, I at least have some pictures using Soundslides. As always, comment below or Tweet me feedback or answers to the question of the week.

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