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That’ll teach you to not pirate games!

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You blew your cover, Spyro! She knows you didn’t buy your own game!

Have you ever played a pirated game? No, don’t answer that. Someone might be listening and then you’ll get charged. BecauseĀ piracy is the exact same thing as stealing an item despite the fact you’re merely making a copy of something. Yep. Of course.

If you ever have played a pirated game, you may have encountered a few problems right away. Sometimes the game asks you for a keycode which generally only comes with legitimate copies. Other times you may have to enter a specific word or phrase found only in the manual. Smart people with illegal copies have found ways around these anti-piracy features while unlucky people with legally purchased copies may be screwed over. If you bought a used game from a friend or retailer and it didn’t include the manual, you may be out of luck.

For years, most game developers relied on those methods to keep people busy, whether it was at work making money to buy the game or at home devising ways to get pirated copies to work. Some game developers didn’t want to settle with the tried-and-true tactics, however. Some developers were so crazy they came up with the most diabolical, most entertaining, and most elaborate forms of anti-piracy known to gamers. And their games became famous for screwing over pirates in the greatest ways possible.

These are some of those games. Now you’re intrigued, aren’t you?


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