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A parent’s guide to buying games

You see this? This isn’t normal. The parents of these kids shouldn’t have let this happen.

We’ve all been there: our parents wouldn’t let us watch a movie because we were “too young” for it. We were told things like, “It’ll make you more violent” or, “You have plenty of time to grow up. Watch it when you’re older.”  We’d stomp and get mad, maybe even throw a tantrum. But no matter what, our parents would stick firm to their beliefs and say we couldn’t watch that movie.

Games are very much the same way. Some games are clearly meant for older players, while others can be enjoyed by just about anybody. Logically, parents would act the same way and shield us from mature games while we’re younger, right?


It seems like too many parents have no idea what kind of games their little angels are playing. Then we have the exact opposite, where some parents are far too strict, thinking their children can only play the most non-violent and kid-friendly games. The point is, most parents can’t parent properly as soon as video games are involved.

I’m going to fix that. Here are some obvious things to help you figure out whether little Jimmy should be playing Super Mario’s Family-Friendly Playground Fun or Grizzled Space Marine Who Shoots Aliens and Swears A Lot. If you’re a parent, this is REQUIRED READING


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News of the Week – June 29, 2013

News of the Week

Click the above picture to check out this week’s show.

This week’s top stories include the release of a brand new gaming console, Australia hating video games, and a naughty move by The Last of Us creators Naughty Dog. All that and more in the News of the Week.

Question of the Week: has a game demo ever influenced you into buying or avoiding that game? Comment below or Tweet me your answers.

Music used in this week’s presentation is “BanjoLand” by Grant Kirkhope from the Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts soundtrack.

If the link to the show doesn’t work, please let me know by Tweeting me or commenting below. Same goes for any previous shows if you happen to check them out. I want to make sure everything works. Thank you!

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Pre-order bonuses: From enticing to disgusting

Photo 1

Wow, it’s nothing!

Here is fair warning: this is a tale of “back in my day.” Back in my day, when you walked to your local EB Games to pre-order a popular game, ensuring you could get it the day it came out, you could walk away with some cool swag. This was before teenagers ruined the word “swag,” of course. Sometimes it was a a small gift, like a keychain with the game’s logo or a pack of stickers. Sometimes it was something a lot better, like the game’s strategy guide.

And now?

Here is fair warning: this is also a tale without a happy ending.

It may not have a happy ending, but you’ll still want to read it

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News of the Week – May 11, 2013

In this edition of News of the Week, I look at the future of Star Wars games, the possibility of a good video game movie, more rumours about the next Xbox, and more.

I also ask the Question of the Week, so be sure to answer in the comments down below or Tweet me your thoughts.

Finally, I mention some of the game releases in the upcoming week.

For all that and more, listen to the News of the Week!

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