I’m not dead (at least I don’t think so)


This is essentially what I did last week and what I’m doing this week.

I’m still around, don’t worry. I’ve just been very busy and am still busy this week. I’ve been working a lot, which I suppose isn’t fun at all. But then I also went to Saskatchewan for my grandmother’s birthday party and I’m heading to the Glengarry Highland Games this weekend. Pretty stoked to eat haggis and wear a kilt and all that jazz.

I should have a regular blog post up next Tuesday. It’ll finally look into my thoughts on Lara Croft over the years and I’ll touch a bit upon the so-called “sexism” found in video games. After that, who knows what’s next? All I know is I plan on doing regular Tuesday updates starting next Tuesday. Hope to still see some of you guys around then!

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One response to “I’m not dead (at least I don’t think so)

  1. I was wondering where you had run off to. And, believe it or not, I’m kind of jealous of the haggis bit.

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