Award and housekeeping (lol vague)

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It’s time to get very serious. No jokes allowed. At least for a few paragraphs.

Hey everyone. This is an unexpected blog update. This would normally be on Saturday, when I do the not-so-beloved New of the Week segment. That won’t be happening tomorrow. Actually, it may not be happening anymore. Unless you want it to continue. I find people simply aren’t interested in my preschool presentation style and the cheesy jokes (but not the “Oh that’s so cheesy it’s actually funny” kind). I don’t get many views at all on Saturdays and people rarely comment or Tweet me their answers to the weekly question. A few have, however, and I really appreciate it.

So, effective immediately, I won’t bother putting together a soundslide News of the Week show anymore. If you guys want me to continue, or prefer a different format other than video (I still need to get some video editing software and re-learn the basics, unfortunately), let me know. Otherwise I’ll keep to the Tuesday article each week.

Also, speaking of the Tuesday article, I’ll be doing something a bit newer: I’ll finally do a review. I recently purchased and completed the Tomb Raider reboot, and even though the game is a few months old now, I’m sure people may still be on the fence about whether to buy, rent, or skip this one. Hopefully I can do more reviews soon as I play through more games.

Shine On Award

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How I imagine the award looks like.

One of my followers, willc88 (check out his awesome blog here!), nominated me for the Shine On Award. It’s a fun little community award to encourage people to keep writing. There’s a little catch though: to officially accept it, recipients must list seven facts about themselves and nominate 15 other blogs. It may seem like there’s some work involved, but trust me, it’s easier than answering a skill-testing question. It’s even easier than typing in the approximately 15 million-digit code from an Xbox Live Points card on your console (have I ever mentioned I hate those things?).

First, let’s start with seven facts about me you may not necessarily know.

Seven facts about me

1. I’ve lived in Canada my whole life and I’m very proud of my country, even when our leaders and politicians are being stupid.

2. I used to love remixing music and doing mashups. Nothing too serious, just a fun little distraction. I haven’t lately, though, thanks to finding new distractions. I might get back into it someday.

3. I’m not a huge city person. I live in Ottawa, which isn’t that large, despite being the capital of this country. At the same time, I’m not really into small towns.

4. I really don’t like sports, though that may have been obvious from some comments I’ve made in articles or during News of the Week. I don’t like them not only because I’m terrible at them but because I find people get way too hyped about them. How the hell is the Superbowl more exciting than the Electronic Entertainment Expo?

5. I listen mostly to the same music I liked back in late elementary school and early high school (pop punk, indie, and some mainstream electronic stuff). I still like new music, but I tend to always go back to what I loved as a teenager.

6. I used to hate people who didn’t share the same opinions as me. I don’t as much anymore, but there are still times I’ll feel really mad if they don’t agree with me, even over trivial stuff. I’m still working on it, and this blog has certainly helped.

7. I wear plaid far too often. I don’t much care to go shopping for new clothes, so I tend to wear a lot of the same stuff. And a lot of my stuff happens to be button-up plaid shirts. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing. Also, I’m not a hick or a country boy. Just wanted to clear that up.

And now for the nominations. I’ll let these people now with a comment on their latest post and I’ll also link you guys to their blogs so you can check them out. Maybe you’ll enjoy them as much as me!

15 blogs I enjoy reading (in no particular order)

Other writing from me!

I now contribute to the Ottawa CitySun, a satirical publication based in my home city of Ottawa. There are other contributors (I’m the newest one so far) and we all like to think we’re somewhat funny. It updates every Wednesday morning and we cover a wide range of topics, from local news to entertainment to technology.

But remember, none of it is particularly true or even close to accurate. That’s what makes it awesome.

So if you have time, check it out! You might enjoy it.

That’s all from me for today. So thank you to all my followers, thank you to willc88 for the Shine On Award, and thank you to those 15 blogs in particular for being so dang awesome. Hope you visit next Tuesday when I’ll put up my review of Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)!


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8 responses to “Award and housekeeping (lol vague)

  1. Thanks for the shout out1

    • Some time this upcoming week I’ll leave a comment with a proper nomination on your blog. I only have access to my phone and can’t really leave full comments on 15 different blogs that way. But I promise some day you will have the real nomination!

  2. zengirl42

    Congratulations on the award! I really enjoy your blog, keep writing 🙂

  3. Ditto with the thanks on the shout out. You do realize that I’m not abandoning my “insults my intelligence” format for this, don’t you? This could be fun…

    I would also be careful to conclude too much from a lack of readership on Saturday; my Saturday posts tend to suffer as well and I don’t have a standard post format for that day. I wonder how much blog traffic comes from people sitting at work waiting for something to do. (Incidentally, I’ve also heard that summer is the slow part of the year.)

    Long story short, you may have other options if you really like doing the videos. “News of the Week” could credibly be done on Monday unless, of course, traffic really is driven by people who aren’t allowed to have audible videos in their cubicles.

    • I really enjoy your blog, and like I told L. Palmer, I’ll leave a comment on your latest post with the actual nomination for the Shine On Award. As with everyone else I follow, love reading your stuff and I always look forward to reading more.

      And I’ll definitely keep your advice in mind, I could do “News of the Week” on Mondays and change my opinion pieces/reviews to Thursdays. I’ll think about it, but for now I think “New of the Week” is on hiatus. Thanks again for the comment! It’s certainly some good stuff to think about.

      • If I may take a moment to be obnoxious…

        Any chance I could get that comment by Wednesday morning? My acceptance speech is written and ready to post. (So is my Weekly Writing Challenge post for tomorrow. Therefore Wednesday.)

      • Sorry it’s taking so long! I have time tomorrow to sit down and write my regular Tuesday post, so I’ll make sure I have your comment posted then. And hopefully the other people will get their comments too!

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